Benefits of Updating Lighting Systems

First Electric Supply has over 4 years of experience providing energy efficient lighting systems. We strive to enhance lighting system control, maximize efficiency, and improve lighting levels throughout your facility by recommending the latest in lighting and control technologies. Our recommendations have produced average energy savings from 20-50% on each project.

Our professionals will audit your facility with no obligation or cost and provide a detailed report which includes recommendations for a new or retrofit lighting systems. Our audits also provide occupancy sensor recommendations and disposal service options. We are capable of handling projects for fluorescent or HID systems from a single fixture to more than a million fixtures.

Past projects have included extensive retrofit projects in government facilities, in addition to the private sector. Our professionals stay informed about advances in lighting technology to ensure the performance and reliability of your systems.

Reduce Computer Screen Glare

T-8 Fluorescent Bulbs Burn Cooler than T-12 or Any High Bay Fixture

Even Distribution of Lighting

Reduce Maintenance Cost

T-8 Fluorescent Bulbs are “Instant On”

Utilities May Have Incentives for Efficiency Upgrades

Before retrofit

After retrofit